Afield: A Chef's Guide to Preparing and
Cooking Wild Game and Fish

By Jesse Griffiths
Photographs by Jody Horton
Foreword by Andrew Zimmern
272 pages, 8 x 10 inches
335 Full Color Photographs including 175 step-by-step Images
Hardcover $40.00 ($40.00 CAN)
ISBN: 978-1-59962-114-2
On Sale: September 2012

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"Griffiths may be an ideologue, but his recipes adapt well to the work of the unarmed home cook hoping simply to feed friends beautiful, flavorful food in the chill of early winter. His anise brine mutes the wildness in feral boar. But it also augments the flavor of commercially raised pigs, increases the clarity of their flavor, acts as the best sort of kitchen cheat."
        — Sam Sifton, "How to Tame a Wild Pork Chop" featured in The New York Times Magazine
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"Jesse Griffiths knows what's important about food...that it's fresh, local and allowed to speak for itself. He's an old school chef with deep respect for the land, his farmers and purveyors and the food they produce and it shows through his cooking."
        — Dave Pasternack aka "The Fish Whisperer," according to the New York Times; author of A Young Man and the Sea

The Austin Chronicle celebrates chef Jesse Griffiths and Afield.
Eater National just previewed Afield and included Afield in their cookbook roundup, as well.
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Embracing the principles of the local sustainable food movement, a growing number of people are returning to hunting and preparing fish and game for their home tables. Afield: A Chef's Guide to Cooking and Preparing Wild Game and Fish is at once a manifesto for this movement and a practical manual packed with everything the modern home cook and hunter needs to know. Author Jesse Griffiths, an acclaimed chef, butcher, and hunting teacher, combines traditional methods of field dressing, butchering, and preparing fish and game with eighty-five rustic mouthwatering recipes, suitable for the novice and experienced cook alike.

Griffiths' commitment to locally sourced ingredients and nose-to-tail cooking makes him the perfect guide for this culinary journey back to the land. From catfish to crab, duck to dove, and deer to wild hog, Griffiths teaches us how to scale, clean, skin, stuff, fillet, grill, braise, and fry a myriad of wild seafood, poultry, and game. Fellow hunting enthusiast and food photographer Jody Horton takes us into the field and the kitchen with Griffiths, following his every step, from the thrill of the hunt to the pleasure of the feast. Packed with vivid stories and images, Afield transports us into America's great outdoors and celebrates its prodigious bounty.


Caution: Please note that in areas where Chronic Wasting Disease is present, there may be some risk in using or cutting venison bones and spinal tissue. Check with your local DNR for information and current warnings about CWD.

AWARDS: Afield was nominated for the 2013 James Beard Foundation Book Award, and was a Winner of the ForeWord Reviews 2012 Bronze Medal in Cooking