Praise for Judith Choate's An American Family Cooks:

"The charm of this book lies in the personal and lengthy narrative, Judie's explanations before each recipe that let you know why it was chosen, who makes it the most, tricks and tips to make it your own. I actually found myself reading every single recipe just to hear more of their story..."
—Amber Turpin, Civil Eats

"An American Family Cooks pairs Judith Choate's anecdotes from family experiences in the kitchen from a childhood on a farm to growing up in San Francisco and raising a family in Manhattan with recipes that come from three generations of cooks, all spiced with food photography from her husband Steve Poole and paintings by Stephen Kolyer. The result is a wide-ranging blend of cookbook and memoir that includes lovely color illustrations throughout and discussions that include wine pairing suggestions, insights on the author's experiences with particular dishes and their surrounding culture, and more. From holiday cooking to unforgettable classic mainstays of the kitchen, this is a lovely gift and home cookbook for any interested in the culture, lore and foolproof recipes of American regional fare."
Midwest Book Review, December, 2013

"These are very solid recipes by a family of foodies."
—Amy Sherman, Cooking With Amy, November 29, 2013

"Thick and utterly irresistible…An American Family Cooks [is] a celebration of classic American food."
—San Jose Mercury News

"...full of invaluable recipes, beautiful illustrations and photographs, and sweet family insights. The Choate family truly does cook, and I am thankful to them for sharing."
—Aleta Copestakes, The Sonoma County Gazette, November 1, 2013

"Think of every favorite comfort dish you ever craved. It's there, from corn fritters and chocolate fudge to 'The Chicken Potpie That Nana Made and We All Still Make.'"
—Jackie Burrell

"A family that cooks together stays together—or so you'll think after perusing this delectable collection of recipes by Judith Choate (who has worked on over 100 cookbooks) and her sons, who have followed her footsteps into the culinary world."
—Lindsay Hunt, Associate Food Editor, Real Simple, "7 Favorite Family Cookbooks," September 3, 2013

"It is a beautiful book, and easily approachable for the home cook."
—Steve Boss, Host, Great Taste Radio Show

"I want to be adopted by Judith Choate and her two sons. So will you, when you get to know them from endearing stories of life back when sitting down every night to Judie's heartwarming, traditional American home cooking kept these three people going through rough times. Her sons Mickey and Chris grew into hard-working dads and expert home cooks in their own right. Together, they've written a cookbook as personal as a family scrapbook and as indispensable as The Joy of Cooking. There's probably not a meal you want to make that isn't in here"
The Good Cook Book Club

"Charming vignettes, cute recipe titles, and photos of the family cooking add a traditional appeal to this versatile cookbook. Think back to childhood, and it's quite likely that many fond family memories are intertwined with food. And that is precisely the effect that An American Family Cooks will have on the reader—transporting them back in time to their own family meals...the cookbook is versatile enough to use as a reference guide for making family meals, for entertaining, or for settling back and browsing through one family’s history of food traditions and meal sharing."
—Hilary Daninhirsch, ForeWord Reviews, August 31, 2013

"Judith Choate may not be a household name, but she should be. She has, in the past, collaborated with such greats as David Burke and Dean Fearing to produce excellent cookbooks, and she wrote the amazing Fundamental Techniques of Classic Pastry Arts. Now Ms. Choate and her family have written a user friendly cookbook of their favorite recipes. More accessible than some of her previous offers, this is more cooking found in a home than a five star restaurant, but it will make you a five star home cook."
—beckygardens on Amazon, Top 100 Reviewer

"Judith's knowledge and history of ingredients and cooking is outstanding. Her ability to extract and portray the true flavors in a recipe by developing the dishes onto the pages for the readers is phenomenal! She is in a league of her own and a hell of a wonderful woman!"
—Chef David Burke

"Judie has been a wife, a mother, a ghostwriter for dozens of chefs, a co-author for others and a cookbook author in her own right. This is her quintessential book, written with her family and photographed by a great food photographer, her husband. She has poured her knowledge, her efficiencies, her sense of the delicious, the doable and eminently servable, and her laughter into this ultimate family cookbook. From her kitchen to yours."
—Charlie Palmer, chef, restaurateur, hotelier

"In An American Family Cooks, Judie writes that she hopes we enjoy not only the recipes she and her two sons have compiled, but a sense of joy and fun in making meals to share. With chapters called 'Drinks and Nibbles,' 'What Would We Do Without Pizza and Pasta' and 'We All Love Dessert,' it's impossible not to smile and look forward to showing off their nurturing, irresistible food to family and friends. The Good Cook Book Club is a community of curious, enthusiastic home cooks and this book will soon become a sauce-spattered, well-thumbed part of their kitchen libraries."
—Beth Goehring, Editor-in-Chief, The Good Cook

"An American Family Cooks shows the true spirit of what American cooking today should be. Family and friends honestly caring for each other. Passion about the food every step of the way. Sharing and passing on the great stories behind the traditions that arrive at the table. Creating new ones together for the next generation. Judie, Mickey, Chris & Steve, set a place at your table for me!"
—Chef Dean Fearing, chef-owner Fearing's at the Ritz-Carlton, Dallas

"To know Judie, Steve, Mickey, and Chris is to know that a family that cooks together is the root of all things important in life. This book shares the passion of a family that has experienced marvelous meals, great stories, world class ingredients, and great friends around their dining tables. Judie is the orchestra leader of her family, extended families, and a wealth of friends. Join her as she invites us to try simple but delicious recipes in the framework of great stories accompanied by Steve's stunning photographs. They will be your family as well after you have cooked with them!"
—Alain Sailhac, Dean Emeritus, The International Culinary Center in NYC
and Arlene Sailhac, Founder of the 33-year-old De Gustibus Cooking School


Praise for The Great American Pie Book
"Home cooking has seen a rebirth in America, and Judith Choate is one of the reasons why."
—Charles Britton, The Baltimore Sun

Praise for Homemade: Delicious Foods to Make and Give
"The most precious gift you can give to someone you love may be a copy of this book!"
—Chef Alain Sailhac

"This is not merely a collection of recipes; it is an extraordinary celebration of delicious homemade gifts. Judith Choate's generous nature and love for food infuses every page and compels us to jump into the kitchen and whip up a batch of fudge for a neighbor or friend—just for the sheer pleasure of giving."
—Tish Boyle, previous editor of Chocolatier Magazine and author of Chocolate Passion

Praise for The Best Little Book of Preserves & Pickles
"I'm probably not going to be making my fabulous plum-rum raisin conserve this year. But you can... Do it now while plums are still in the market. Judith Choate's little book will tell you everything you need to know about preserving."
—Gael Greene, Crain's New York Business

Praise for A Reader's Cookbook
"Judith Choate has masterfully created a delicious roadmap for a culinary journey around the world. It's the perfect pairing to any book club."
—Charlie Palmer, celebrity chef and restaurateur

"Judith Choate is as passionate about the written word as she is about food, making A Reader's Cookbook both a pleasure and a terrific blueprint for great writing and great eats."
—Michael McCarty, restaurateur

Praise for Joe: The Coffee Book
"A great primer for those interested in specialty coffee and the specialty coffee business. There is enough well-written narrative to merit library purchase and simple images to qualify this as a great coffee-table book."
—Lisa Campbell, Library Journal

Praise for The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Bread Baking
"Bread is a tricky business, and it seems that every year there's at least one book that revels in its complexity. Last year that book was Tartine Bread; in 2011, the supremely technical bread book of the year is The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Bread Baking, by Judith Choate and the breadologists at the French Culinary Institute."
—Paula Forbes,

Praise for Dining at Delmonico's: The Story of America's Oldest Restaurant
"This is a jewel box of a book with old-fashioned recipes, all oversize with an embossed dust jacket and gloss."
—Hugh Merwin, Gothamist

Praise for David Burke's New American Classics
"The notes with each recipe serve as introductions, telling stories, like the story behind Cobb salad, and explaining unusual techniques like poaching a rack of lamb. Not a comprehensive cookbook, it provides insight as to how a chef approaches dishes and ingredients."
—Amy Sherman, top food blog Cooking With Amy