Paul Mobley's early training as a photographer began at Detroit's Center for Creative Studies, and continued in the New York studios of such leading photographers as Annie Leibovitz and David Langley, where he apprenticed for many years before embarking on his own career. Mobley has successfully worked with a broad range of corporate, advertising, and editorial clients, including American Express, Sony, Citigroup, Ford, Compaq, Gourmet, Max Factor, Chevrolet, Microsoft, and many others. Mobley lives in New York City and Michigan with his wife Suzanne, and their two wonderful daughters, Camden and Paige.

Katrina Fried has edited, written, and produced numerous illustrated books, including most recently: On the Street: 1980-1990 and The Fourth Wall by Amy Arbus; Animal House by Catherine Ledner; Red Carpet by Frank Trapper; Los Angeles by Tim Street-Porter; and Wild Birds of the American Wetlands by Rosalie Winard. She lives and works in New York City.

Michael Martin Murphey, one of America's most respected songwriters and performers, was inducted to the Western Music Hall of Fame in 2004. An icon for the American cowboy, Murphey grew up working on ranches in Arkansas and Texas, and continues to breed livestock, such as Texas Longhorns and American Quarter horses, through his Rocking 3M Ranching Co. He is deeply involved in issues important to America's farmers, and is co-founder of American Prairie Partners, which helps restore land to prairie with native grasses.

Willard Scott, famous for his work on NBC's The Today Show, has won over Americans' hearts through his ebullient personality, good service and solid reporting. Be it fund-raisers, state fairs, parades, or civic events, Scott has shown Americans what it means to work hard and humbly. His ancestors settled in America in 1759 and every "Scott" in his family line has made his living by farming. He never forgets to wish centenarians a Happy Birthday when he reports on The Today Show. A number of these are photographed in American Farmer.