2012 IPPY Gold Award Winner, Gay/Lesbian - Non-Fiction

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Book of the Year 2011
Honorable Mention, Photography

Gay in America

By Scott Pasfield
Introduction by Terrence McNally & Tom Kirdahy
224 pages, 9¼ x 11½
Hardcover, $45.00 ($50.00 CAN)
More than 100 full-color photographs
ISBN: 978-1-59962-104-3
On Sale: 09/27/11

Photography / Gay & Lesbian / Biography

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In this first-ever photographic survey of gay men in America, stereotypes are laid to rest and an intimate, honest picture of contemporary gay life is revealed through stunning personal portraits and narratives.

Photographer Scott Pasfield traveled 54,000 miles across all fifty states over a three-year span gathering stories and documenting the lives of 140 gay men from all walks of life. At turns joyful and somber, reflective and celebratory, each narrative and image is an enlightening look into the variety of gay life in the United States.

Pasfield's striking and perceptive portraits reflect the same beautiful diversity found in any sampling of our population. Each of these men is unique and whole, complex and fallible, just as we all are. They come in every size and shape, every religion, color, profession, and background. There are farmers, writers, doctors, lawyers, artists, teachers, students; there are fathers and husbands, activists, and business men. Some are successful, some are struggling, some are political, some are wealthy, some are wounded, and some are deeply content.

Their commonality draws from a single shared trait: their homosexuality. These are men who are attracted to men, and have chosen not to disguise that truth. For many, there have been harsh consequences to this decision, but also deep rewards. The message that prevails is one of great hope that true equality is close within our reach, if only we would grasp it.

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