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Life Organizer: The Essential Record Keeper and Estate Planner
By Nancy Randolph Greenway
160 pages, 10 x 11
Non-traditional, $29.95 ($34.00 CAN)
3 -ring binder, 8 color tabs with storage pockets
ISBN: 978-1-59962-092-3
On Sale: February
Business - Personal Finance

Updated and Revised for 2014!

Do you remember where the deed to your house is, what you paid for the painting hanging over your mantle, where your life insurance documents are? Have you photographed your belongings? Have you thought through your estate planning? Does anyone know what to do if something happens to you? Does everyone know what your wishes are?

Life Organizer: The Essential Record Keeper & Estate Planner is the perfect place for recording and storing all essential information, and finding lots of personal planning advice. Now, it has been updated to reflect recent healthcare and tax reform. Sections such as "Health Care Choices" and "Generation-skipping Trusts" have been updated for 2014. Learn how an estate plan is, well-planned, and what you need to get started. In one handy location, find reader-friendly explanations, definitions, tips, worksheets and storage space for everything you need to organize your wishes, assets, and passwords, and get on with your life!

Nancy Randolph Greenway, the extraordinary co-author of Pass It On: A Practical Approach to the Fears and Facts of Planning Your Estate (Hyperion), combines clear and friendly prose with legal expertise and a remarkable knack for organization to make Life Organizer the definitive resource for reference, organization, and storage in all matters of basic estate planning.

Life Organizer is divided into eight sections:
    • Family & Beneficiaries
    • Personal Considerations
    • Property & Investments
    • Insurance, Retirement &    Business
    • Will, Trusts & Gifts
    • Health Care Choices
    • Final Wishes
    • Resources & Advisors

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