David Katz: Mémé, Philadelphia, PA

Sizzling Mussels with Chef David Katz at Mémé , Philadelphia, Behind the Burner, Nov. 30, 2010. At Mémé Restaurant, Chef David Katz shows us how make succulent, sizzling mussels with fresh herbs, lemon juice and sea salt. link

Mémé - Comforting Food from Chef David Katz, The Philadining Blog, Oct. 23, 2008. A review of Mémé . link

Dinner With: David Katz, Philadelphia Magazine, March 2010. By Victor Fiorillo. Q & A including what he cooked for the James Beard Award dinner and the food he refuses to eat. link

Philadelphia Chef David Katz of Mémé Recognized for Mastery of the Pear, USApears.org, Oct. 1, 2009. Recognizes David for his use of pears. link

Meet Dave, Philadephia City Paper, Sep. 30, 2008. David Katz doesn't care what you think about him. You'll love his food regardless. link

Meme, LX TV Philadelphia. Siafa visits the kitchen, where he helps David create the restaurant's signature mussels. link