Paul Kahan: Blackbird, Chicago, IL

Youtube Videos
Paul Kahan is interviewed by Mark Bazer on The Interview Show link

Paul Kahan talks about the food and atmosphere at Blackbird in Chicago. It is from link

Paul Kahan demonstrates how to properly shuck an oyster link

Paul Kahan talks about his restaurant, Avec. It is from link

From the Chicago Humanities Festival, "The Perfect Meal", which features a panel, including Paul Kahan. link

Print Media
The Nifty 50 | Paul Kahan, Chef, The New York Times Style Magazine, Jan 14, 2010. By Christine Muhlke. Profile of Paul. link

To Get To Big Star, Chef Paul Kahan Worked His Ass Off, Rock' N Roll Ghost blog, Jan. 28, 2010. Focuses on Paul's background, Big Star Restaurant, and his taste in music. link

Chef Paul Kahan On The Publican, Savory, March 19, 2009. By Brittany Bellgardt. Brittany spoke with Kahan and asked him about The Publican and where he's finding inspiration these days. link

Transformations: After 14 years, and with a new chef, Paul Kahan's trailblazing restaurant Blackbird is still flying high, Chicago Reader. By Kristina Meyer. link

A Day in the Life: Chef and Restaurateur Paul Kahan, Chicago Pop Sugar, July 13, 2011. By Rebecca Taras. link