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Congratulations to Amy Arbus on her recent spread in the New York Times!

Five hundred of Amy Arbus's impromptu, edgy, and adventurous portraits appeared in her Village Voice style feature,
On the Street, between 1980 and 1990. These black-and-white images captured New York City's most fashion-forward residents. For the first time since that decade of self-exploration, these photographs are being revisited. On the Street is a collection of more than 70 of the most influential images, those that lend a voice to an era when individuality and self expression were fighting for breathing room in a culture that valued economics over creativity.
Arbus's lens captured New York's most influential style-makers: The Clash on the set of Martin Scorsese's King of Comedy; Madonna the same week her single "Everybody" hit the charts; Anna Sui; Joey Arias; Phoebe Legere; as well as performance artists, costume designers, shop owners, musicians, make-up artists, graffiti artists, and urban hipsters.
Renowned author A.M. Homes offers a marvelous introductory essay that delves into the social and cultural environments surrounding this stunning collection of photographs.